The online marketplace experts.


Deploying fully integrated marketplace solutions for earth’s largest online stores.

Our marketplace uniquely addresses the complexity, performance and scalability needed to host even the largest of today’s marketplaces. More than simply an online portal for aggregating merchants, we allow retailers to continue the in-store conversation online.

Everything under

one roof.


B2C Marketplace

  • User Experience features (AI Search, product comparison, personalized results, recomendations, real-time dynamic guidance).
  • Product management interface.
  • Wish list, shopping cart and checkout.
  • Lead generation module.
  • Price alert module.
  • Promotion and volume discount module.
  • Order management system.

B2B Supplier Portal

  • Product acquisition.
  • Price and Inventory acquisition.
  • Auctions.

B2B Buyer Portal

  • Purchases on portal.
  • Online quotes and Reverse Auction.

Artificial intelligence
for merchandising.

Our technology platform is in fact, revolutionary. How’s that? Its core is based on a brand-new approach called “Cognitive Commerce”.

Simply put, it uses Artificial Intelligence to personalize the customer experience. To achieve this complex task in realtime, the underlying algorithm is basically learning from collective and individual behaviours.

Should you want to know more about our AI solution for your own Ecommerce site:

Maximizing sales

Of course, we innovate with one paramount objective in mind: To maximize your sales conversion.

We don’t like to brag, but we did receive a few awards for our work, including 2 Red Herring Awards in 2012. We were already ahead of the curve.

Having been benchmarked to perform with over 75 Million products and 3 Billion attributes, we can provide for today’s largest online stores.

Azzimov’s marketplace technology empowers E-Emdad with a market disrupting commerce and tendering marketplace where all oil and gas manufacturers and their products can be found and procured quickly and easily.

— Mr. Ali Al-Marri, Chairman, E-Emdad (Qatar)