Do you have a complex organizational structure? Do you have multiple banners, brands or stores? Would you like to run and manage the online commerce for all of these on a single platform? Then Azzimov is for you!

Azzimov's E-Commerce is a full featured online commerce platform that scales infinitely and is fully adapted to meet the needs of all businesses, from the simplest to the most complex. We believe that an online commerce platform should adapt itself to how its customers do business, not the opposite.

Turn-key solution

Delight your consumers with compelling shopping experiences that will maximise customer retention and conversion rates. Azzimov's turn-key commerce platform provides all the tools necessary to successfully manage your digital storefront: PIM, OMS, Marketing, CMS, etc.

Flexible, scalable and configurable

Don't get locked down with a commerce platform that won't grow at the same rate that you do! With Azzimov, you can start small and easily scale to millions of products, integrate with 3rd party services as you need them, and customize processes and workflows to meet your needs. With full multi-language and multi-currency support, the sky's the limit.

AI Search, Guidance and recommendations

Azzimov’s Search, Guidance and Recommendations will allow you to compete with e-commerce giants by dynamically providing recommended products and services based on context search, history, personal preferences, interests, purchasing behaviors and patterns. In the end, what matters is making your products findable.


Don't settle for simply speaking to your customers, have a conversation with them! Azzimov's proprietary AI search technology recreates the experience of an in-store conversation, online. Our dynamic and context aware guidance provides a continuous conversation that learns from each interaction to deliver a relevant and personalized shopping experience.

Price Comparison

Knowing how your prices rank compared to your competitors is key in determining your optimal pricing strategy. Our automatic Price Comparison utility not only alerts you to any price changes in the market, it provides historical data and trends to help you make the most informed decisions.

Native Mobile Application

Azzimov's patented Two-Button Navigation System is the only mobile application that understands what customers are looking for, and provides seamless and personalized shopping experience on the go.

Non-Intrusive technology

Re-platforming is not necessary. Keep your existing back-end systems running as they always have. Azzimov will interact as an intelligent layer bridging the gap between your current systems and your customers.

Microsoft Azure

Because an online storefront is a critical component of any business, it needs to rely on first rate infrastructure. At Azzimov, we're proud to host our platform on Microsoft Azure, the worlds most secure and scalable cloud.

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