Enterprise Search

The only enterprise search platform that's self discovering and self learning.

Elevate your search capabilities from simply finding data to understanding what your customers are looking for and why. With our proprietary and fully automated AI search technology, we do all the work so you don’t have to.


Azzimov's Enterprise Search is specifically designed and built for scaling, easily accepting over 100 million records. Whether you're indexing product information, documents, media, databases, or any other content, our technology running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud easily integrates large volumes of data from different sources, scaling to meet your needs.

Artificial Intelligence + Search

Making sense of large amounts of unstructured data can be extremely difficult, and very time consuming. Azzimov's Enterprise Search can aggregate many types of different and unstructured data from many sources, automatically building a dynamic ontology to fully represent the contents.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Our Enterprise Search solution doesn’t require any changes to your existing infrastructure. We simply install our search layer that sits above your existing systems, interacting with them in a non-intrusive manner.

Dynamic Guidance

Our Dynamic Guidance technology is the next best thing to having a live conversation with a user. We continually guide users through the wealth of indexed data by dynamically proposing the most relevant navigators based the context and past behaviour of the current user.

Dynamic Recommendations

Because we understand and analyze the context of each users search journey, our Dynamic Recommendations technology always proposes the most relevant and personalized products, services or related information. Contextual recommendations are based on each user’s search, history, personal preferences, interests, purchasing behaviors and patterns.

Advanced feature set

Azzimov's Enterprise Search includes many other unique features that make it an industry leader, such as Entity Extraction, Profiling, Voice to text, and more.

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