The only white labeled marketplace platform that can seamlessly provide the features and scalability of Amazon or Alibaba.

Azzimov's Marketplace is uniquely designed to address the complexity, performance and scalability needs required to host even the largest of today's marketplaces. More than simply an online portal for aggregating merchants, we allow retailers to continue the in-store conversation online.

Turn-key solution

Azzimov provides all the tools you'll need to manage your online marketplace, no matter what the business model: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, corporate structure with multiple sub brands or franchises, aggregate mall with multiple vendors or merchants, single storefront for all vendors or individual merchant storefronts, etc.

The new standard for online commerce

With the explosion in the number of online retail commerce sites, the competition to attract and convert consumers to any single retailer is becoming increasingly difficult. Why restrict your customers to a limited product offering when you can open the world to them by aggregating products, brands, retailers and websites to provide a one stop shopping experience that increases customer loyalty.

Ultimate scalability

No matter how large your marketplace is, we've got you covered. Powered by Azzimov's proprietary AI engine, our Marketplace can easily aggregate over 15 million products and hundreds of millions of attributes, coming from any number of retailers, brands or merchants, anywhere in the world, in any language.

AI search & recommendations

When dealing with very large amounts of data, traditional search technology simply doesn't cut it. Azzimov's Artificial Intelligence platform adapts itself to your data structure so you don’t have to, by auto discovering, analyzing and sorting vast amounts of unstructured and siloed data. We transform search into a contextual conversation with your customers.

Monetize your investment

Generate multiple revenue streams through commission based transactions, affiliate commissions, advertising revenue and more.

Hyper-Scaling Capabilities with the Microsoft Azure Cloud

When it comes to cloud security and scalability, the Microsoft Azure Cloud has the highest standards of any cloud provider in market. No matter where in the world your content needs to reside, the Azure Cloud provides one of the most cost effective and feature rich hosting solutions available.

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